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GN587 Midland Railway Co (4)
AEC Regal III O962 / Campbell&Mannix
Thursday 30 March 1950

AEC Regal III O962
Chassis No:  O962029
Body:  Campbell&Mannix 12/47 C34F
   converted to     B43F
Engine:  AEC A208 6cyl 9.6ℓ 125hp diesel
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 4sp pre-select
Last updated:  25 June 2020
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
Dec 1947GN74(4)Midland Railway Co
GN587(4)Midland Railway Co
by 28 Mar 195845146(46)Beam Transport
31 Aug 1958UAN188(149)MTT
20 Feb 1964WAG8149(149)MTT
22 Oct 1968UQB149(149)MTT
30 Sep 1974Goldsworthy Mining Co

Recorded in one source as being (10) at Midland Railways, however (10) was a Regal IV
24 Sep 1974   

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