n=0 MTT16

UQB016 MTT (16)
Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC / Hilquip
Lynwood Metcalf nr Lynwood
Saturday 16 October 1982

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC
Chassis No:  037
Body:  Hilquip 08/79 B41D
Engine:  GM 6-71N 6cyl 6.99ℓ 2-stroke diesel
Gearbox:  Allison HT740 4sp automatic
Last updated:  3 October 2014
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
17 Aug 1979UQB356(356)MTT
5 May 1981UQB016(16)MTT
31 Aug 1986UQB016(16)Transperth
m/o4204(56)MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri]
WUN942(SHE013)Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer)

Fitted with a windscreen guard for Mandurah running
circaOct 1980   
Advertised for sale - tenders closed
15 Mar 1990   
1 Jun 1990   
Stored by Murphys Commercials

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