n=0 MTT37

UQB037 MTT (37)
Hino RC520P / FreighterWA
West Perth Loftus nr Vincent
Friday 14 November 1980

Hino RC520P
Chassis No:  40007
Body:  FreighterWA 02/70 B45D
Engine:  Hino DK20 6cyl 10.2ℓ 191hp diesel
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 5sp monocontrol
   converted to     "Wilson" 5sp monocontrol
Last updated:  3 October 2014
  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
4 Feb 1970UQB037(37)MTT
31 Aug 1986UQB037(37)Transperth

Over-ran inspection ramp &Kensington St Workshops due to inadvertant selection of 1st gear.
5 Feb 1970   
1st gear position blocked-off on gear selector
In service
9 Feb 1970   
11 Jul 1988   

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