HG640 Peninsula Bus Lines
Fowler Landliner / RWeber

Fowler Landliner
Chassis No:    
Converted to:
Body:  RWeber -/45 FC30F    AC50F
Engine:  2 x Ford V8 petrol   
Last updated:  3 October 2014   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
1945HG640Peninsula Bus Lines (Frankstown VIC) [Dysons]   
Jun 194710177(RV41)Western Australian Government RailwaysRV41   
circaJun 194810177(C1)Western Australian Government RailwaysC1   
01554(F1)Western Australian Government RailwaysF1   
1957UWA082(F1)Western Australian Government RailwaysF1   

Chassis manufactured by Fowler Constructions Pty Ltd; Length 13.7m; Steered by hydraulic swivelling of undercarriage beneath driver; Powered by 2 Ford V8 petrol engines, one mounted in the front undercarriage, the other at the rear; Hydraulic braking fitted to all six wheels, however trailer brakes were operated independently of power bogie brakes by means of a steering-column mounted hand valve; Emergency vacuum-hydraulic brakes also fitted to trailer; Originally fitted with 30 seats, but thought to have been re-seated to at least double that capacity prior to entering service with Dysons / Peninsula
Demonstrated to Victorian politicians
28 Nov 1945   
Ran off road travelling empty to Balcombe Military Camp whilst attempting to overtake a milk van
8 Mar 1946   
Contrary to popular opinion, cause of accident was deemed to have been due to insufficient room to pass rather than by hydraulic steering system failure
Re-licence refused by Victorian authorities & sold to WAGR
circaJun 1946   
Report prepared by Victorian Transport Regulation Board inspectors for WA Minister for Transport deemed the `Landliner` suitable for WA conditions, but suggested freight-only tests be undertaken prior to passenger use
Jun 1946   
Observed in Kalgoorlie en-route to Perth
Jul 1947   
Observed in WAGR Midland Workshops being re-painted
Sep 1947   
In service with WAGR
circaOct 1947   
Parliamentary Select Committee recommended withdrawal & fitting of alternative steering system
2 Dec 1947   
Subsequent to Victorian Transport Regulation Board advice that the hydraulic steering system was safe if regularly maintained, returned to service unmodified early
Recorded in WAGR documents as being a 44-seater
Jun 1948   
Withdrawn, shortened & converted to conventional 50-seat trailer to be hauled by Foden prime mover (F1); registration plates transferred to (F1)
Nov 1948   
Withdrawn when prime mover (F1) was converted to a truck
18 Oct 1963   

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