TP1053 Swan Transit (1053)
Mercedes-Benz O405 / Volgren-HowardPorter
Fremantle Marine nr Henry
Friday 22 May 2009

Mercedes-Benz O405
Chassis No:  357005 61 058587   
Converted to:
Body:  Volgren-HowardPorter 90/8052? 03/91 B45D    B__F
Engine:  Mercedes-Benz OM447h.908 6cyl 11.967ℓ 240hp diesel   
Gearbox:  Allison B400R 5sp automatic w retarder    Mercedes-Benz W3E110/2.2R 3sp automatic
Last updated:  1 July 2023   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
6 Mar 1991TP1053(1053)Transperth1053   
29 Sep 1996TP1053(1053)MetroBus [Transperth]1053   
5 Jul 1998TP1053(1053)Perth Bus [Transperth]1053   
4 Sep 2001TP1053(1053)Connex [Transperth]1053   
1 Sep 2002TP1053(1053)Swan Transit [Transperth]1053   
Jan 2010TP1053(1053)Transdev [TransBusselton]1053   
Jan 2015TP1053(1053)Transdev [Transperth]1053   
1 Jan 20171GLV450(74)Horizons West (Welshpool)74   
8 Oct 20181GLV450The Transporter   
byJan 2022CVL4202The Transporter   
28 Sep 20231HYA904West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]   

`Heat Beads Quick-lite` AOA (orange)
byJan 1995   
`South African Airways` AOA (leopard spots)
May 1995   
Returned to Transperth corporate livery
Withdrawn & stored
3 Sep 2009   
Returned to service with Veolia Transport [TransBusselton]
Jan 2010   
Withdrawn & stored
21 Jun 2017   
22 Jun 2017   
Converted to B__F at The Transporter
Converted to Allison B400R 6sp auto
byApr 2023   

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