TP1133 Transperth (1133)
Renault PR100.3 / Volgren
Malaga Depot
circa 1994

Renault PR100.3
Chassis No:  VF6PS08A200000533   
Body:  Volgren VG491 04/93 B47D   
Engine:  Renault MIPS 06.20 45 6cyl 9.839ℓ 255hp turbo diesel   
Gearbox:  ZF-Ecomat 5HP500 5sp automatic   
Last updated:  28 August 2016   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
22 Jun 1993TP1133(1133)Transperth1133   
29 Sep 1996TP1133(1133)MetroBus [Transperth]1133   
5 Jul 1998TP1133(1133)PATH Transit [Transperth]1133   
Jul 2016preserved   

Saydair seating; Coachair evaporative cooler
Southport digital destination displays
Converted to CNG by TNO (Holland) under licence from Transcom
Displayed at Union Internationale des Transports Publique / UITP Conference (Sydney) 02 May 1993 to
5 May 1993   
Arrived in Perth mid
Jun 1993   
Displayed to staff at Causeway Depot/Head Office
22 Jun 1993   
Officially hand-over ceremony at Kensington St Workshops
24 Jun 1993   
Inspected & Registered
25 Jun 1993   
In service
12 Sep 1993   
Offered for sale (reportedly due to poor performance)
Apr 1994   
Returned to service (no buyer)
Aug 1994   
Mobitec digital destination displays
30 Jun 2016   
Secured for preservation
Jul 2016   

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