TP1362 Swan Transit (1362)
Mercedes-Benz O405NH / Volgren CR225L
Perth Wellington & William
Friday 1 April 2011

Mercedes-Benz O405NH
Chassis No:  WEB61241821099684   
Body:  Volgren CR225L VP0230 06/02 B41Dw   
Engine:  Mercedes-Benz OM447hLA 6cyl 11.967ℓ 250hp turbo diesel   
Gearbox:  Voith DIWA D864.3 4sp automatic   
Last updated:  3 April 2023   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
10 Jun 2002TP1362(1362)Connex [Transperth]1362   
1 Sep 2002TP1362(1362)Swan Transit [Transperth]1362   
7 Oct 2012TP1362(1362)PATH Transit [Transperth]1362   
Feb 2017TP1362(1362)PATH Transit [TransGoldfields]1362   
Jan 2021TP1362(1362)PATH Transit [Transperth]1362   

`BankWest` AOA
byOct 2006   
`iinet` AOA
byApr 2007   
`Wrangler` AOA
byOct 2007   
`V: Switch to Green Energy` AOA
byNov 2007   
`Channel 9 - Underbelly / Terminator` AOA
byFeb 2008   
`Masters - Out to Play Since `64` AOA
bySep 2009   
`Festival 10` AOA
byFeb 2010   
`Vividwireless` AOA
byApr 2010   
`` AOA
byDec 2010   
`Perth Zoo` AOA
Mar 2011   
`Emirates` AOA
byOct 2011   
`Brikmakers` AOA
byFeb 2012   
`University of WA Achieve` AOA
byJun 2012   
`Heinz Baked Beans` AOA
Sep 2012   
`Cirque du Soleil` AOA
Feb 2013   
`BOSE audio` AOA
byOct 2013   
Transperth corporate livery
Withdrawn & stored
circa9 Dec 2020   
Returned to service
byApr 2023   

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