TP2038 Transdev (2038)
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG / Volgren CR228L
Fremantle Station
Friday 15 September 2023

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG
Chassis No:  WEB63422021000925   
Body:  Volgren CR228L VP0847 01/10 B43Dw   
Engine:  Mercedes-Benz M447hLAG 6cyl 11.967ℓ 252hp EEV intercooled turbo CNG   
Gearbox:  ZF-Ecomat 2 6HP502C 6sp automatic   
Last updated:  22 November 2022   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
22 Jan 2010TP2038(2038)PATH Transit [Transperth]2038   
1 May 2011TP2038(2038)Swan Transit [Transperth]2038   
18 Nov 2022TP2038(2038)Transdev [Transperth]2038   

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