10771 Western Australian Government Railways (Da29)
Daimler CVD6 / Imported
circa 1956

Daimler CVD6
Chassis No:  16457? 17014?   
Converted to:
Body:  Imported 09/49 B38?F    FC38F
Engine:  Daimler D550 6cyl 8.6ℓ 100hp diesel   
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 4sp mechanical pre-select   
Last updated:  5 November 2017   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
Sep 194910771(Da29)Western Australian Government RailwaysDa29   
1957UAN046(Da29)Western Australian Government RailwaysDa29   

Body imported pre-fabricated
Converted from suburban to coach-style seating
circaApr 1952   
Rebuilt FC38F
by18 Jul 1963   

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