Commonwealth Motors
Panhard / Ansair
circa December 1949

Chassis No:    
Converted to:
Body:  Ansair -/49 FC35F   
Engine:  Panhard diesel    Rootes-Lister TS3 3cyl 3.25ℓ 90hp 2-stroke opposed-piston diesel
Last updated:  3 July 2020   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
Commonwealth Motors (Melbourne VIC)   
Feb 1950T310Toodyay Bus Service [Booth] `Miss Toodyay II`   
31 Jan 1951T310?(P56)Western Australian Government RailwaysP56   
1957UAN092(P56)Western Australian Government RailwaysP56   
WAG8956(P56)Western Australian Government RailwaysP56   

Arrived at Toodyay
8 Feb 1950   
Acquired when WAGR overtook operation of Toodyay service
31 Jan 1951   
WAGR Depreciation Schedules records its `Date on service` as
May 1951   
However the Mileage Overhaul Statement as at 22 Sep 1951 states that it still had not entered traffic.
Finally entered service with WAGR in 11/51 with mileage recorded as 260 miles as at
15 Dec 1951   
Off-traffic awaiting parts (mileage = 4017 miles)
by31 May 1952   
Returned to service
by20 Sep 1952   
Re-engined Gardner 4LK
Original Panhard diesel engine donated to Perth Technical College
Re-engined Rootes TS3
Dec 1958   
Very unpopular with drivers due to extreme engine noise
Often used to double-bank overloaded services, taking passengers alighting prior to the half-way point of the full service trip; also used on short Bunbury-Collie & Bunbury-Boyup Brook services

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